Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring '08 Trend Alert: Think Floral, Really Floral.

Flowers Are Everywhere


It’s as if we went to sleep in New York and woke up in Tahiti. Floral prints showed up on almost every runway: big and splashy or demure and pastel, tight bouquets or enormous single blooms. Come spring, the usual black, white, and beige urban uniform is going to feel like drudgery.
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Cate Blanchette, usually avant-garde, embraces the floral trend (and bump) with this Balenciaga floral gown at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards.

Maternity styles are no exception for the Spring season. Keep your eyes open for big floral prints in colors that pop.

"For spring '08, models became walking bouquets of roses, peonies, and pansies; to name a few. The season itself was the obvious inspiration for this blossoming trend, with designers displaying vibrant illustrations and blurred hothouse motifs in their delightful fashions. Flower lovers will swathe themselves in large, graphic floral prints, while those allergic to the impact of oversized patterns can opt for a quieter take on the flowery trend by choosing summery dresses and silky scarves in mid-sized prints." - Johneen Manning

Some ideas from Pickles & Ice Cream...

Notice Roses Pique Dress 


Lauren Kiyomi Floral Chiffon Dress


Notice Floral Contrast Strapless Top

Notice Tulips Strapless Top

Notice Green Floral Sateen Strapless Top

Ripe Kaleidescope Tunic

 Lauren Kiyomi Chiffon Top

Sweet Pea Floral Mesh Tunic

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