Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cravings Baffle the Best of Us...


Food cravings has even the celebs baffled

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(March 25, 2008) - Reports this week revealed that pregnant Cate Blanchett is experiencing cravings for pickles and ice cream, making her one of the estimated 68% of pregnant women experiencing similar unusual food hankerings.

What some might not know is that these cravings can reveal a lack of certain nutrients, such as olives potentially indicating a lack of sodium and cheese a common sign of calcium, phosphorous and aluminium deficiency. Amongst other such desires, some pregnant women experience irrepressible cravings for chocolate and this could mean that you may be slightly anaemic (lacking in iron). Dark chocolate in particular, can be a useful source of magnesium and iron, whereas milk chocolate actually tends to inhibit the absorption of iron.

With this in mind there is a resource available for pregnant women to sort the nutritional facts from the fiction - the ‘Guide to healthy eating in pregnancy'. Produced in association with Midwife Maggie Evans by natural iron-rich water supplement, Spatone, the guide contains concise information for mothers-to-be on why healthy eating is important for their unborn baby, how much to eat, what particular cravings mean and which foods to avoid during pregnancy.

It highlights the top nutrients required during pregnancy - why they are needed and which foods they can be obtained can get them from. It also addresses how to combat pregnancy discomforts along with some nutritious meal suggestions to help mothers-to-be to get the best out of their diet.

During pregnancy the demand particularly for iron is increased as the foetus and placenta need their own supply of iron which can only be obtained from the mother.

In addition to eating iron rich foods, mothers-to-be can boost their iron intake with Spatone - a unique 100% natural iron containing spa water clinically proven to have 40% bioavailability, compared to only 5 - 20% from food and other iron supplements.

The free ‘Guide to healthy eating in pregnancy' is available to download at Read more...

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