Thursday, May 8, 2008

Houston Chronicle Highlights Pickles & Ice Cream!

The choices are many for moms-to-be
Options include fashionable dresses, stylish PJs, novelty T-shirts, more

Muze "Say Hello to My Little Friend" tee, available at
Pickles & Ice Cream, Houston.

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Just three months pregnant with her first child, Aabha Brown is already feeling the angst of an expecting mom just in time for Mother's Day.

None of her clothes fit.

"This is not the time to retreat into feeling fat and ugly,'' says Brown, director of cultural health initiatives for the American Heart Association. "It's much different now than when my mom was pregnant and had no options.''

Brown has been pleased with the assortment of fashions for pregnant women but says she's looking forward to the months ahead.

"Things naturally shift as your body gets prepared, so you want to feel good in what you're wearing,'' she said. "The in-between stage has been the hardest because you're not too far along for maternity, but none of your clothes fit. I already have a swimsuit picked out for the summer.''

At Pickles & Ice Cream, owner Dawn Wilson says there are many Mother's Day gift options for expecting moms. Her favorites are stylish pajamas - not muumuus - because many women "won't buy them themselves.'' Prices are $49-$99.

She also sells novelty T-shirts with sayings such as "Say Hello to My Little Friend'' (shown above) and "I Can Grow People'' at $40-$69. And the Hot Slings pouch ($47-$63), a sling to carry a baby in the fetal position comfortably against the mother's body, is a huge seller.

"Really, you should celebrate and feel special every day,'' Wilson said. "Be it a first-time mom or a mom on her second or third child, it's a day to celebrate.'' - Read more at

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