Monday, January 26, 2009

When is the right time?

Mommies all the time ask me when they should start buying maternity clothes. The answer is when you're not comfortable in your regular clothes anymore. It's that simple.  With the introduction of pant-life extenders like BellaBand, that “start” time is later, but only IF that extender is comfortable to you. There’s a very important question I ask mommies who ask me when they should start….”What is your personal fit preference when you're not pregnant?” Those mommies that tell me they like to wear things really fitted will grow out of their regular wardrobe clothes sooner than the mommies who prefer a more relaxed fit. We see mommies as early at 11 weeks to as late as 28 weeks coming in for the first time needing and/or wanting maternity clothes. Buy smart and ask our staff how long the pants or tops will carry you. Our sales staff is trained to give you their honest opinion. We think of our customers as our walking advertisements…if you look fab, we look fab! Strut your stuff ladies…

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