Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 Things...

So, I live and breathe fashion…  I never miss a People StyleWatch issue or InStyle or UsWeekly… Ok, so the last one really isn’t about fashion, but I somehow figure out a way to get that one in.  I think in all the years of reading those mags, I have realized that there are 3 things that never go out of style…they just lay dormant for short periods or chill on the DL one season. What are those three things? 1) Animal prints. Right now, the key in wearing animal prints to do it subtly. Never wear it top to bottom, especially not pregnant, and watch the silouettes. An animal print all over on a pregnant mommy can make you look like that animal!  2) Metallics. Metal tones like silver, gold and bronze OR colorful metallics like pink, lavendar, and blue are consistently trendy and in style! Metallic handbags, shoes, eyes, belts, and even lame-esque dresses are always in these mags! I personally LOVE metallics because it makes whatever skin near that metallic glow. And the last thing that never goes out of style is the strapless bodice. The one-shoulder is making a huge comeback this Spring but it along with the spaghetti strap neckline and the halter will always be in the passenger seat next to the strapless because the strapless undoubtedly flatters the biggest array of body types. Big boobies, no boobies, broad shouldered, narrowed shouldered, great arms, not-so-toned arms…it doesn’t matter. The strapless top, dress, whatever is worth a try. So many of our mommies think they cant wear it, but then end up loving it.

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