Monday, March 9, 2009

Introducing MamaJ Maternity Jeans!

J Brand Pencil Skinny Maternity Jean
Ok, truth be told, I am a big fan of JBrand, but my opinions about their maternity version is not biased… I promise. I’m actually wearing a pair of them right now. Besides the facts that they are dark, which equals slimming, and so comfortable….. I love that I don’t have to categorize my JBrands as “PMS jeans” or “too much pasta last night jeans” or “I wonder if I can fit those” jeans. They have so much stretchy Elasterell in them that they give or don’t give as your body fluctuates.  So, when I found out JBrand was doing MamaJ, I had a really good feeling it would be the near perfect ounce of denim because less cotton and more Elasterell would theoretically mean great maternity jeans too! I had to see the waist treatment though to be completely sold on the promise of this jean. Under-the-Belly fitting, finished waistband, and hipslung are all great for a lot of mommies who prefer nothing touch their belly, but it can also feel like your pants are falling off if they aren’t fitted properly.  And we have seen a higher demand for Over-the-Belly jeans and pants over the past two years…and probably as a direct result of mommies who wore UTB but prefer OTB’s the stay-put factor.

 Back to MamaJ… I love them for pregnant mommies for several reasons. 1) They are super flattering…the dark ink blue denim is not only slimming in the tush, hips, and thighs, but they are so sleek looking that they can double as trousers as well as your party/dinner jeans. 2) These are not your normal UTB jeans. The side elastic-darted panels combined with the insane amount of stretch in the actual denim eliminate the tightness around the waistband when you sit down. This doesn’t happen to everyone one but if you carry low, then you have likely experienced what I’m talking about…I know I did! 3) They come in three leg styles to cater to each mommy’s jean purpose. If you do wear your jeans to work, then the Love Story really is lovely…no pun intended. The LoveStory are cut more generously in the thigh so if that has been a problem area for you, these are perfect.  If you want an everyday jean that easily goes into night OR love to fold up your jeans up instead of hem them, the Straight Leg MamaJ is ideal. And if you live in skinny jeans, they have the best skinny! These can also be folded up for ballet flat and flip flop wear then worn ruched at the ankle with your heels!

If you want to try on a pair, they are in our boutiques NOW along with other premium denim lines. We look forward to seeing you!

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