Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Sweat Required Workout Wear…

We picked up a new line this Spring called Fit2bMom that I am really excited about.  For those of you who know me, you know that Me and exercise  don’t really mix…at all!  So why am I so psyched about this fitness line?  There are several reasons actually, but my fave is the fact that it’s not so hardcore active/performance-wear looking that even someone like me wouldn’t look silly wearing it.  I’m one of those gals that loves the look of activewear, ONLY.  Haha.  Who wouldn’t?  It’s stretchy and comfy and it’s an outfit that matches!  It’s made for sweatiness but designed for lifestyle wear.  I love that!  I knew it was a great line when one of our mommies bought two pairs to wear for her yoga workouts and her running-after-her-two-year old workouts!  She loved the comfort of the fit and the ease of machine wash and wear.  We chose pieces from the line that can serve multiple purposes, and after feeling and seeing the pieces, we arent disappointed with a one piece!  Oh, and I love the nice price point of this line.  It’s far superior than the “activewear” at Target in regards to fit and quality, and it’s not so expensive that a mommy can't justify the dollars on JUST workout wear….because (drumroll) it’s everyday wear too!  It’s that cute and versatile.  And I bet, you wear them in the Fourth trimester too…after the baby comes but the pasta pudge is still there.

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