Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now in Maternity…the Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend jeans from Paige


Just now available for maternity, the Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend jean from Paige Premium Denim is finally here! A bestseller in the regular women’s line, the Jimmy Jimmy is selling out in maternity too. Aside from the cool distressed and beat-up condition of the actual denim, the Rebel wash is knitty soft and unbelievably stretchy! Produced with the Westbourne maternity waistband treatment, the Jimmy’s have a completely finished front and hidden elastic for tightening or loosening for all the stages of pregnancy. We also love that the jeans come cuffed but can be rolled down for a full-length jean. Great to wear in the summer and transition into Fall! Our rounder-bottomed mommies have loved these jeans because they can wear the Jimmy as a regular jean instead of the looser and more relaxed look of Boyfriend cut.

Our mommies are buying their pre-pregnancy size in these jeans. If the jeans are a little looser in the early stages, that’s ok because that’s the way they are designed to look. When the same mommy gets bigger in the later stages, the jeans will just fit less and less boyfriendy and more like a regular pair of jeans. You will really feel like your are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans! They really are THAT comfortable! The celebs are wearing them cuffed and down….and we know how tall their denim stack is to choose from!


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