Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Energized...

Basq Sincare at Pickles & Ice Cream

Here's a great chance for you to do something good for your body.  While supplies last, you can get a FREE Full-Size Energizing Body Lotion from Basq Skincare when you buy $40 of Basq products at  You don't need a coupon, and you don't even have to add it to your cart!  Pickles & Ice Cream will do all the heavy lifting, just for you.

This lightweight quick absorbing Basq Energizing Body Lotion gel nourishes and revives skin. Its cooling, invigorating feel instantly soothes fatigued, tired muscles while the replenishing hydrators leave skin feeling soft and velvety. Basq's antioxidant rich blend has Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Green Tea, Lavender and Eucalyptus to soothe and replenish skin for a vibrant, healthy look and feel. The incredibly fresh, uplifting scent awakens and energizes the senses. Perfect for soothing tired legs and feet; relaxing muscles pre & post workouts; cooling hot flashes or sunburn. Formula is paraben free and absorbs quickly. Clinically tested for No Skin Irritancy or Allergy.