Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maternity Clothes....Temporary but NOT disposable!

A halloween costume, a prom dress, and really anything from Forever 21 are considered disposable. You wear them once or twice and you're pretty much done with them. Buying ready-to-wear slacks 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear when you are more than 17 weeks pregnant is pretty much a wear it once or twice "investment" as well...therefore disposable. I put investment in quotation marks because so many mommies (yours truly included), think "I can wear it after I have the baby" or "it's on clearance and it works"....so you think but only for a wear or two. But the reality (for most but not all) is that you won't be two sizes bigger in ready-to-wear after you have the baby and/or it will be the wrong season. And with all that aside, it's just down right uncomfortable and you run the risk of looking like a hot mess with the pant crotch hanging mid-thigh.

Well-made maternity clothes should NOT be considered disposable. Yes, there will be pieces you will despise once you have your baby but there will be some that you absolutely love and will remain in your wardrobe for a very long time! Instead maternity clothes should be in the Temporary category. They are clothes you really need to hold up during many many wears during your pregnancy....and for a few months postpartum too. So let me stress WELL-MADE. Cheap maternity clothes are actually considered more disposable because they likely won't last after one or two spin cycles. A much better investment is a well-made pair of maternity slacks for 59 or 69 bucks that you can start wearing earlier on, machine wash, and be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing all inexpensive maternity clothes. Tank tops for 10 bucks, shorts for 20 and sundresses for 30....they are fine. Those are all supplemental pieces compared to your staple black pants, a great pencil or a-line skirt, and denim which should all be built for a lot of wear and designed to grow with your belly. That's what determines the difference between temporary and disposable. Temporary...built strong. Disposable...overall bad investment.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pickles & Ice Cream® has Expanded to Charlotte, North Carolina

Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel gives expectant mothers the best of both worlds, New York style with Southern hospitality.

Charlotte, NC maternity clothing storeCharlotte, NC (May 1, 2010) – Pickles & Ice Cream has once again expanded, this time into the Carolinas, with its latest boutique opening this Mother’s Day weekend in the SouthPark area of Charlotte. Well-known for bringing fun and fashion to expectant moms across Texas and the South, the first North Carolina location looks forward to introducing Charlotte and greater North Carolina area mommies to the best of both worlds: New York style with Southern charm and hospitality. This Charlotte location is joining nine other Pickles & Ice Cream boutiques, including an online boutique, to deliver designer maternity apparel and nursing essentials to moms-to-be. This Charlotte location is the fourth Corporate-operated Pickles & Ice Cream in the company, and the first corporate store located outside the state of Texas. Pickles & Ice Cream is more than a clothing store…it’s a one-of-a-kind boutique shopping experience for pregnant women where fashion, selection and personal service collide.

The largest maternity clothing franchise and second largest chain in the US, Dallas-based Pickles & Ice Cream knows what pregnant women need and what they want. Our stores feature all the casual and comfortable clothing that moms-to-be need and the latest fashions and trends they crave. Every Pickles location has its own distinct personality, tailored to its market. Each boutique features affordable, high quality maternity clothing, fashionable accessories, nursing necessities, diaper bags, gift items and so much more. Some of that ‘more’ includes personalized customer service and an area where kids can watch cartoons while their mommies are shopping.
At Pickles & Ice Cream, understanding pregnancy is the culture. The owners are all women who have been pregnant, given birth and are now helping the next group of expectant mothers in any way they can. They realize that they can’t keep your back from hurting or your feet from swelling, but they can listen to mommies’ needs and offer real-experience advice. They’ll share a snack with you, sit and talk about how excited you are, and most importantly, help find an outfit that looks so fabulous and feels so good that back pains and swollen feet are easily forgotten!

You’ll find the newest Pickles & Ice Cream in the Southpark area of Charlotte at the stunning Specialty Shops on the Park at 6401 Morrison Blvd. neighboring other upscale retail tenants like Williams Sonoma, Talbots, and Nesting and landmark restaurants like BrickTops and Toscana. Check our website, www.picklesandicecream.com, for the latest details. Or, drop us a line at charlotte@picklesandicecream.com. We look forward to pampering Charlotte and greater North Carolina mommies-to-be!

Contact Info: Song Pardue